You have gone through something unimaginable. You cannot stop replaying what happened over and over in your mind. You have nightmares about what happened and now find it hard to sleep. There are moments when you feel as though it is happening again. You are triggered by things that remind you of what happened; smells, sounds, something you see. You begin to sweat and your heart begins to race. You begin to avoid anything that reminds you of what happened; people, places, objects. You feel ashamed, angry, guilty, afraid. You blame yourself and wonder if you will ever be able to get over what happened. You worry that it will happen again. Your view of the world changes as well as your view of people, as your trust was shattered. You become detached, reckless, and self-destructive. This is the reality of trauma.  

Trauma is complicated and the symptoms impact every aspect of a person’s life. They hold you back from living the life you imagined for yourself and it can feel impossible to move forward. Moving on requires effort and effort becomes so difficult when you feel drained from the hypervigilance and emotional toll of constant flashbacks. 

The good news is there are evidence-based treatments that have made a significant impact on people who have experienced trauma. People can get better. While trauma can be difficult work, I have a passion for helping people heal these wounds. Allow yourself to dream again and live life to the fullest. You deserve to take your life back!